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How you can shift your Friday mindset and sail into the weekend.

A close-up of a person's crossed leg showing a beige cowboy boot with black detailing, set against a blurry background of a room with clothes racks and assorted garments.

Hello Costume Friends, It’s 8 a.m. on a Friday morning. I already got up, put on a sports bra, walked 3 miles, took off a sports bra, got ready and came to work. I’m pretty much done for the day… How about you???? As much as we would all like to go back to bed, […]

Meet Megan!

A smiling woman with curly red hair sitting on the floor, holding a pair of brown shoes, surrounded by various other pairs of black footwear.

We are pleased to introduce you to Megan Swafford. She is the new part-time addition to Southwest Costume Rentals, and we think she’s great! Megan is a born and raised New Mexican. She went to High School here in Albuquerque and after graduation moved on to the CNM’s Film Tech program. She earned her certificate […]

New year, New SWCR

Three people displaying a book with pride and joy across different settings, each person beaming with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Wow, can you believe January is almost over? We’ve been ramping up! Our word of the year here at the shop is REMARKABLE, and we intend to be just that; re-mark-able; worthy or likely to be noticed, being uncommon or extraordinary. With so many exciting things happening in the shop we thought we’d give you […]

Sewing 101 – with Deb Andrews

A group of people attentively watching a demonstration on pattern layout for fabric cutting at a workshop, with various costume pieces hanging in the background.

After co-hosting the first class of the year at SWCR, we can shout from the rooftops that it was a huge success. All seats were filled with first time stitchers and pajama pant makers. The class took place over a weekend broken into two, five hour sessions. Deb Andrews, a Journeyman cutter, fitter, stitcher who […]

Costumers in the Costume HOUSE!

Sure, we may be a costume rental shop, but that doesn’t mean our work stops there. We want to make The Shop a place where designers and their teams can have fittings, break down a script, flesh out character looks, and get some friendly moral costume support! When re-shoots come around for movies we’ve worked […]

Its all for you BABY!

A person adjusting an elegant dress on a mannequin for a photo shoot, ensuring every detail is perfect for the camera.

If you love well curated stock… SWCR might be a “Baby Costume House”, but please know that all of our costume efforts right now are going into making sure every item in the shop is just right. Since we have a personal relationship with each garment, (LOL- yes, we know that might be a problem), […]

Getting into “The System!”

A smiling woman standing by her office desk with a computer screen displaying a spreadsheet, various desk items, and a standing lamp.

If you hang out here in The Shop for long you will probably hear one of us mention “Getting costumes into the system”. We’ve been talking a lot about that lately and realize we should explain what it means. For example; if we get an amazing 1930 party dress into the shop from a donation, […]

Road to the Premiere!

Man holding up and examining a plaid skirt in a vintage clothing shop.

Over the past week, the Sedona International Film Festival took place in magical Sedona Arizona… 9 and half hours away from our cozy Shop and we were sponsors!!!.  The closing movie of the festival, and winner of “2023 Official Selection”, Condition of Return, was designed by Paula back in May of last year and featured […]

Keep this Costume Shop on it’s Toes!

A person in a cozy sweater and jeans browsing through large plastic-wrapped costume bags in a storage area with shelves of boxed items.

As shows ramp up here in the Southwest, so does every aspect of SWCR. Stock is flying out at light speed. Multiple designers come in at a time to pull for their projects, and donations and new treasures are being shuffled into stock every day. And costume department supplies? Those are constantly being ordered and […]

80s Organizing with Zigs

I’m sure you all are still riding the 80s and 90s nostalgia wave, just like I am, but combing through the 80s stock here in The Shop has reignited how deep my nostalgia goes.  In just the last five years, 1980s nostalgia media include– Summer of 84 – Rocketman – Bones and All – It […]