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80s Organizing with Zigs

I’m sure you all are still riding the 80s and 90s nostalgia wave, just like I am, but combing through the 80s stock here in The Shop has reignited how deep my nostalgia goes. 

In just the last five years, 1980s nostalgia media include– Summer of 84 – Rocketman – Bones and All – It (chapter 1) – Stranger Things (which was a huge catalyst for this movement back in 2016)


Now, it might be unknown to you, but I as a “Zoomer” find this kind of vintage is pure gold. It is a novelty to collect and wear these items, whether I stole them from my mom’s closet or just organizing it here in The Shop.

The trend cycles, as quickly as they come and go right now,  pull from the 80s pretty consistently.

So, why not revamp our 80s section?

We have been organizing our period costumes for a majority of the year and we have finally fit the quintessential 80s, with vibrant patterns, shoulder pads and acid wash denim.

Personally, I am LOVING sifting through this stock and finding every pattern possible, from tiny couples and boats to abstract colors and shapes. The cherry on top is finding vintage brands and labels.

Deadstock – products that are not selling and are no longer in production, but remain in inventory – is an ever growing lure for collectors, Costume Designers, and resellers. And boy do we have it in here. 

My favorite pieces from our stock that I have come across so far are from a brand called Anxiety (pretty iconic, truly), vintage Talbots (because obviously) and this sweater vest that I will be dreaming about forever.


As more and more nostalgia movies come roll into town, we are excited to be able to roll out our 80s stock. 

Don’t forget, “We’re costumers, we get you!” Now back to work we go.

You’re fav intern, 

Myra Aida

aka Ziggy lol

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