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A Rental House By Costumers For Costumers

Southwest Costume Rentals....

is a full-service costume rentals house that can provide costume rentals, equipment, and supplies as well as workspace, cages, fitting rooms, office space, a mill and workshops. Our climate controlled warehouse is conveniently located off of I-25 in Albuquerque. We strive to provide a comfortable space to collaborate and create.

At this time we have 5000 square feet of costumes and are growing daily.

What We Offer

Connecting creatives with the perfect costume for each character, and all of the supplies and equipment that go with it. "We get you!"



Design Expertise

Office Space


Our Story

Welcome to Southwest Costume Rentals: Creating community through the love of costumes.

A note from our owner, Paula Rogers:

Since 1989, I have immersed myself in this vibrant business designing for theater, film, television as well as commercial styling. My collection and passion for costumes started at the age of five when I started theater. This lifelong journey has accumulated a large enough collection to share with the industry. At Southwest Costume Rentals we are here to be a regional asset for all the shows in the greater Southwest. We are committed to training and supporting individuals who share our enthusiasm, for the craft of costuming and ensuring the community continues to grow.



Combined Years of Experience



Productions and Counting


Square Feet of Costumes

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Bringing Over 20 Years of Experience in the film industry

Paula Rogers

I love the movie business but couldn’t imagine as this little girl I could ever be a part of it. But still, I kept that curiosity going and followed my gut feeling. I guess I was practicing my craft without even realizing what I was doing-starting with making costumes for my cats and chickens! I kept my eyes on the goal and took a long and winding road but never stopped learning and growing. Eventually I got to work with some of my favorite talent and I finally feel like I am a small part of movie making. What I do for a living now is what we used to play at growing up. It’s wild to look back 50 years and realize that. 

When I am not in the costume house, I am busy being a mom and working on my family’s ranch in Arizona.


Educating our community

Southwest Costume Rentals is so pleased to be a union costume house, where interns can get an introduction to the craft of costuming, learn the basics and network with industry pros.

Interested in interning with us? Send us an email at!

Our Interns

Chloe Sangster

Lauren Cordova

Darcy Brander

Alfredo Quiroz

Megan Swafford

Myra Aida

Shelby Yabeny

Christine Mitchell

Meet Our Team