Colorful abstract bird illustration as part of the branding for "southwest costume rentals.

Costumers in the Costume HOUSE!

Sure, we may be a costume rental shop, but that doesn’t mean our work stops there. We want to make The Shop a place where designers and their teams can have fittings, break down a script, flesh out character looks, and get some friendly moral costume support! When re-shoots come around for movies we’ve worked […]

Getting into “The System!”

A smiling woman standing by her office desk with a computer screen displaying a spreadsheet, various desk items, and a standing lamp.

If you hang out here in The Shop for long you will probably hear one of us mention “Getting costumes into the system”. We’ve been talking a lot about that lately and realize we should explain what it means. For example; if we get an amazing 1930 party dress into the shop from a donation, […]

Road to the Premiere!

Man holding up and examining a plaid skirt in a vintage clothing shop.

Over the past week, the Sedona International Film Festival took place in magical Sedona Arizona… 9 and half hours away from our cozy Shop and we were sponsors!!!.  The closing movie of the festival, and winner of “2023 Official Selection”, Condition of Return, was designed by Paula back in May of last year and featured […]

80s Organizing with Zigs

I’m sure you all are still riding the 80s and 90s nostalgia wave, just like I am, but combing through the 80s stock here in The Shop has reignited how deep my nostalgia goes.  In just the last five years, 1980s nostalgia media include– Summer of 84 – Rocketman – Bones and All – It […]