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Costumers in the Costume HOUSE!

Sure, we may be a costume rental shop, but that doesn’t mean our work stops there. We want to make The Shop a place where designers and their teams can have fittings, break down a script, flesh out character looks, and get some friendly moral costume support!

When re-shoots come around for movies we’ve worked with, we are always ready and willing to help again!

Mi casa es su casa, if you will.

Last week, we were able to do just that.  A film that was shot here in Albuquerque came back for re-shoots and we were lucky to have the costume department use the design workspace, fitting rooms and pull all the stock they needed to do 33 fittings in one day! Whew. I must say, this team made it look easy and we had a lot of laughs catching up with some background players we have worked with over the years. Paula, who we all know is the busiest person ever, got to talk and with some people she hadn’t seen in years and hear all about what they have been up to.

This is something part of Southwest Costume Rentals business vision come true!

We really are “By Costumers For Costumers”. SWCR may still be a Baby Boutique costume house, but what we lack in square footage we make up for in curation and hospitality. We get you. We’ve been there. We want to offer solutions and a sense of collaboration that hopefully makes YOUR unique projects just a little easier.

In The Shop, we have a well equipped fitting room, a design room and, duh, tons of costume stock just waiting to come to life on a character.

Have something you are working on? We welcome projects in for Co-Working Wednesdays. Do you have questions about something you are designing, need assistance or a big table to work from? Come on in Wednesday’s from 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.!

Don’t forget, “We’re costumers, we get you!”

Love, The SWCR Team.

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