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How you can shift your Friday mindset and sail into the weekend.

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Hello Costume Friends,

It’s 8 a.m. on a Friday morning. I already got up, put on a sports bra, walked 3 miles, took off a sports bra, got ready and came to work. I’m pretty much done for the day… How about you????

As much as we would all like to go back to bed, realistically it’s time to get a ton done so we can wrap up this work week and enjoy the weekend. But, by Friday I can get pretty tired. My resolve gets weak and often I feel homesick and overwhelmed. So I lean in. I put my boots on (which make me feel strong), crank up a sweet mix of Pat Benatar, Maren Morris and Lady Antebellum, (they make me feel close to friends), and I switch to a mindset where I am relaxing on the inside and productive on the outside. It takes some practice to master this technique, and I highly recommend it. As the pressure pushes in, soften up. Make a game out of the workload.  See how many fast balls you can knock out of the ballpark and make it look easy and make it fun. The people working around you will feed on the positive energy and become more relaxed as well. A simple mental shift in the flow can change Friday into a runway for the weekend. As a film worker, we all know how valuable our weekends are. That said – my thoughts are with our Fraterday Friends the most. 

Here at the shop, Dee and I decided the best way to spend our Friday is to finish carefully sizing our suit stock so pulling is a breeze. We hope our efforts makes life a little more pleasant when the time comes for our beloved customers to grab suits. We’re dividing blazers and sports coats, dancing to the music and keeping everything in perspective.

So Happy Friday to you! we hope you have a great weekend. The Indian Market is in Santa Fe this week and we all know per diem is for statement jewelry :-). New Mexico United is at home on Saturday night. Personally enjoying the amazing weather and fun crowds while I watch the “beautiful game” with an IPA and a hot dog is the best way to end a busy week. However you choose to relax… prioritize it. 

We get you,


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