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Its all for you BABY!

A person adjusting an elegant dress on a mannequin for a photo shoot, ensuring every detail is perfect for the camera.

If you love well curated stock…

SWCR might be a “Baby Costume House”, but please know that all of our costume efforts right now are going into making sure every item in the shop is just right. Since we have a personal relationship with each garment, (LOL- yes, we know that might be a problem), our mission is to curate a stock that tells a story. 

Is there a history behind this stock? Yes. Some costumes have been lovingly packed around the country by Paula for decades. As a Costume Designer, Paula lives for the moment where an actor puts on a costume she carefully chose, and the character starts to click. Collaboration is the gig people. It’s also what makes movie making fun! 

We invite all designers to come in and discover that perfect piece. We want to hear how your costume choice made little magic. Your story is important to us!

Our team of Recon Thrift Experts are always on the watch for amazing period garments, interesting character pieces and cool AF finds. Leave the hard work to us, have some laughs (and a sparkling water from the fridge), and pick from a stock that is curated with costume design in mind. 

Besides kick ass period stock we are building our Old West, Modern Western and unique to New Mexico stock daily. Not only because it is important for NM film making, but also we think they are super fun to fawn over. 

How can you fawn over these pieces too? Well…our next big thing is getting every last piece photographed and ready to remotely rent on our rental site. Visit to see our progress (and fails)… Need something for your show? Throw it in your cart and we will ship it tomorrow!

Speaking of curating…Deb Brunson (Recently retired 40 year Costume Designer, costume history Professor, and one of Paula’s BFFs), was in The Shop recently working with our 1900-1990’s stock, and she let us in on what her favorite costumes in the whole place were. 

“I love this little group [Edwardian Lingerie Look] because, when I was in graduate school I had to do my thesis… and I actually picked the Lingerie Look,” Deb said. “I walked into the shop one day and spotted these and just had to run over to them.”

Don’t forget, “We’re Costumers, we get you!”

Happy Valentines Day Loves, ❤️

 The SWCR Team.

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