Colorful abstract bird illustration as part of the branding for "southwest costume rentals.

Keep this Costume Shop on it’s Toes!

A person in a cozy sweater and jeans browsing through large plastic-wrapped costume bags in a storage area with shelves of boxed items.

As shows ramp up here in the Southwest, so does every aspect of SWCR.

Stock is flying out at light speed. Multiple designers come in at a time to pull for their projects, and donations and new treasures are being shuffled into stock every day.

Example of one of our biggest orders this year above.

And costume department supplies? Those are constantly being ordered and sent out to shows on the daily. In just  the last month, we have had over 100 brand new heavy duty Z-racks built and sent out. 

That’s a lot of racks.

And that isn’t even half of the racks!

We recently created a “supplies” retail section in the front of The Shop so it’s easy to see what we offer. “Stick It”, Ageing and Dying supplies, shoebags, just to name a few are getting new shelves this week and we created a huge peg board wall to hang bags and such. We hope to have our supply world 100% by next week. You should come check it out.

Our intern, Myra, admiring our new logo-ed shoe bags (now in stock.)

We are still working daily on getting our stock into the rental system as we simultaneously outfit shows, fulfill orders, restock costumes and find time to eat somewhere in between.  

And of course, we had to get our Shop Manger, Dee, in on this. Here she is working on another order that’ll be flying out the door soon.

Sure, it can get hectic in The Shop but we like how it keeps us on our toes.

Don’t forget, “We’re costumers, we get you!” Now back to work we go.

Love, The SWCR Team.

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