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Meet Megan!

A smiling woman with curly red hair sitting on the floor, holding a pair of brown shoes, surrounded by various other pairs of black footwear.

We are pleased to introduce you to Megan Swafford. She is the new part-time addition to Southwest Costume Rentals, and we think she’s great!

Megan is a born and raised New Mexican. She went to High School here in Albuquerque and after graduation moved on to the CNM’s Film Tech program. She earned her certificate earlier this summer and is currently on the IATSE Local 480 overflow list. Megan’s interested in all things historical and vintage which makes her a pretty good fit around here.

As Megan is working in the shop I am intentionally training her in costume department terminology, the descriptions of a costume crew and giving her tips that will prepare her for her first gig. Her main responsibility in the shop is breaking down racks full of costumes and restocking. She is learning a lot about period, sizing and evaluating in this process. It is important to Southwest Costume Rentals, and part of our mission, to impart all of our costume knowledge to anyone who is interested. We want build good costumers from the ground up, and Megan is a quick learner.

Whether you run into Dee, George, Grace, Megan or me at the shop, you are in good hands because we all love being part of creative solutions. Megan is seeing how important collaboration is in this industry and is excited to be meeting costumers and industry professionals as they come and go. So feel free to stop by any time and say “Hi”. 

Have a great weekend Costume Friends and we will see you next week. 


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