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New year, New SWCR

Three people displaying a book with pride and joy across different settings, each person beaming with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Wow, can you believe January is almost over?

We’ve been ramping up! Our word of the year here at the shop is REMARKABLE, and we intend to be just that; re-mark-able; worthy or likely to be noticed, being uncommon or extraordinary.

With so many exciting things happening in the shop we thought we’d give you a quick rundown, here goes…

–  We’re co-hosting our first sewing class with Stitcher Extraordinaire Deb Andrews from Sew Whateva’! This class is one of many to come, and please let us know what classes you would like to see, and we will get to work!

– There are two brand new costume interns WERKING at The Shop, Darcy and Myra. You’ll see more about them soon, we promise.

                     Darcy                                                     Myra

– If you worked with us last year, come sign your movie(s) poster on SWCR’s Walk of Fame, aka the kitchen hall…just like these QUEENS did!

       Meriweather                         Pilar                              Jillie

– Last weekend, we co-hosted a mix and mingle with NMHSMTA, and the high school drama teachers picked their favorite hats out of stock. “Hats off!” to high school theater, where so many of us began our careers in film.

– Today, 13 racks of new, period costumes arrived. Next step is getting them into the system and in front of your eye balls!

– Paula is busy, as always! She’s launching a creative collaboration with Wayne Hilton, of Wayne Hilton Designs. He is a force of style nature and when they team up it’s all about design and cracking each other up. Paula says, “Hint, it’s going to be all about Youtube, podcasting and who knows what else?”

– Coming up, Paula is booked to style a music video and a feature film set in the Old West. We’re looking forward to her sharing tips, tricks and great behind the scenes videos.

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Don’t forget, “We’re costumers, we get you!”

Love the SWCR Team!

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