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Road to the Premiere!

Man holding up and examining a plaid skirt in a vintage clothing shop.

Over the past week, the Sedona International Film Festival took place in magical Sedona Arizona… 9 and half hours away from our cozy Shop and we were sponsors!!!. 

The closing movie of the festival, and winner of “2023 Official Selection”, Condition of Return, was designed by Paula back in May of last year and featured several rentals from our very own stock. Condition of Return was shot in Phoenix, a place Paula has spent a lot of time as she treks the Southwest – in fact she got back and forth to that area 3 times last week for various movie related events.

The coordinators of the festival reached out to Paula and asked her to give a workshop. She was excited at the opportunity to educate film makers on the process of, “Collaborating with the Costume Department”!

Because it’s about the journey, we rounded up our posse, (some of which worked on the movie with her and a few others who were along for the ride), and set out on a costuming journey.

The plan was to stop along the way and visit thrift, antique and vintage stores to look for authentic 80s (and other) treasures to add to the SWCR stock.

After heading down to Las Cruces to pick up collaborators Wayne Hitlon, Deb Brunson… Myra Aida and Paula headed up through Deming, Globe, Payson just to name a few small towns with great thrifting.

The posse walked the red carpet, and watched the world premiere of “Condition” and enjoyed the after party, where they bantered and laughed incredibly loud with each other for hours on end.

We will dive deep into those thrifting finds coming soon, stay tuned…

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